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Special Installations
Pneumatic Conveyors:
HD fans, rotary piston blowers
Planar Sieves:
Planar sieves are suitable for sorting of three fractions. They are very easy to maintain
due to the easy changing of the fraction sieves. The operational capacity is of up to 200 m3 /h.
Rotary shunts:
Application within pneumatic conveyors for the deviation of the stream of material to be conveyed.
Tube diameters of: 168,3 / 193,7 / 244,5 / 273,0 mm.
Band Elevator:
For the transport of wet and dry chip.
TYPE: Band width up to 1000 mm.
Special Constructions
We have helped to develope and have constructed and mounted a drying system for quick compost formation for a customer from the fields of environmental technology.

With the chopper any kind of waste wood may be processed. The waste wood is fed to the chopper trought an automatic forward feed and cut into pieces of a length of approximately 30 mm.
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